What is Web3 Login?

We built Web3 Login to allow users to authenticate with their Ethereum address in a seamless way. It's an openid connect provider, which means you can integrate it into any website that needs authentication. You don't need to use your personal data or even a password. Just sign the transaction and you're good to go!


The main inspiration of this project comes from the idea that todays online services access are mostly based on identities and not the ownership of an access authorisation. This provider is a bridge between both worlds. The access is given based on the ownership of an NFT. The service uses your Ethereum address as an identity and verifies your ownership of an NFT to grant access to its services.

What it does

Web3-Login is a decentralized authentication and login service that uses web3 technology, like web3 keys (public/private key pairs) and NFTs. Using this service, developers can build a login functionality for their websites/projects that enables users to log into the application using their crypto wallets.

In order to use the services provided by Web3-Login, you just need to have a Wallet like MetaMask or Coinbase installed in your browser. You don't need a separate username and password to log in to the application. You just need to select your Web3 wallet from the list of available wallets, with which you want to sign your transactions.

How we built it

We made a design with figma and created the page in vue. The backend is built using rusts framework rocket and openidconnect. The frontend is hosted on github pages.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part is, how to explain the very technical process to users.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We deployed an NFT contract to Oasis Testnet on https://testnet.explorer.emerald.oasis.dev/address/0x11eF806D7Aca53210EaB4900AdE91bE1E20B0914. Anybody can get NFT tokens via our market on https://market.web3-login.net/

Full openid connect login flow is working on https://web3-login.net/

What we learned

We learned much in the context of web3 and openidconnect login flows.

What's next for web3-login

We will focus on user experience and also on developer documentations.

Built With

  • evm
  • metamask
  • nft
  • oidc
  • rust
  • web3
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