Web3 provide new ways for content distribution, transparency and democracy in our lives, it is next step in digital culture and interaction between different groups of people. In other side this technology is new and complicated for new users and makes it difficult to launch your own product in web3 space.

As content owner (or community moderator) you can use existing marketplaces for your NFT collections, but there is a lot of limitations for next usage, content distributions and functional abilities. For example you can't manage distribution strategies, don't have ability to limit campaign (to be used only by your community), avoid multi-accounting (for free NFTs), get additional info about community (for example email addresses), can't check community activity, get NFT holders list. How about ability to launch your own fungible token, send airdrops, create DAO voting or raffles etc.

To cover this limitations you can develop your own community website with web3 integration but it require a lot of time, money and your energy :)

What it does

We provide solution to cover your needs - with Web3 FanZone you can create NFT collection, manage distribution strategies, get all activity information, limit NFT campaigns, launch fungible token, DAO voting, share news and extend your community audience. Only you will be the owner of your content and smart-contracts!

You can create multiple communities and simply switch using our web-interface. All public communities listed in our website separated by category and allow anyone to see community content, distribution campaigns and DAO voting process.

Our service is open source and you can use it to build your own custom solution in few days instead of weeks or months!

Web3 FanZone can be used by sport, gaming teams, musicians, artists, singers and any groups of people by interest to bring new possibilities into our lives.

Use Cases:

  • Sport team can create NFT Series with player cards. Fans collect this NFT to support favorite team and participate in raffles for next match tickets.
  • Gaming team can store the best gameplay moments as NFT, send token airdrops for your NFT holders.
  • Media channels (radio, TV or individuals) can distribute the best materials as NFT, collect users list for future media sharing and offline campaigns.
  • Musicians and artists can join web3 world, share creativity, art, find new fans and sell their digital assets. Now only you own your work!
  • Teachers can create events for students and allow only local event participant to claim their assets, set a date range and limit distribution with an extensive set of rules.
  • Events: you can create NFT-tickets and distribute to your audience (directly send to wallets or use one of our distribution campaigns). This functionality will be extended by "Burn NFT" option when you accept ticket on entrance.

How we built it

We use Solidity to develop factory smart-contracts that deploy smart-contracts based on settings that community owner provide using our web-interface. Frontend build on react with redux and wagmi hooks for connect and communication with blockchain. We use hardhat for smart-contracts with OpenZeppelin library to make our contracts upgradable and follow ERC-1155, ERC-20 and Governance standards.

All media files stored in IPFS using service that simplify this process and help to save ERC-1155 metadata file with media in one call. Also usage speedup content delivery from IPFS that fills like usage regular web2 services for end users.

When you allow free NFT minting and token claims, you want to avoid multi-accounting and delivery your content for real audience. Worldcoin proof of personhood solve this issue and allow execute specific action only once per real person.

To test all functionality please use Aurora Mainnet network.

Challenges we ran into

  • How to develop factory smart-contracts.
  • How to use wagmi for frontend (replace some parts multiple times to find the best solution).
  • How to upload ERC-1155 metadata json into IPFS.
  • How to develop DAO voting and use OpenZeppelin Governor.
  • How to get list of NFT holders.
  • How to provide most efficient distribution campaigns.
  • How to get community activity.
  • How to send tokens airdrop.
  • How to work with smart-contract size limitation (24kb).
  • How to limit content to avoid multi-accounting (used proof of personhood).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Simple user interface with powerful features.
  • Community owner also own smart-contracts and all created content.
  • Powerful functionality for NFT series: description, attributes, royalty.
  • Multiple distribution strategies for NFT and FT: Public access, Whitelisted only, Email verification, Event.
  • Allow to create unlimited NFT series.
  • All public communities listed by category in our website.
  • Ability to use different wallet connectors.

What we learned

I learn a lot of thinks, it is even hard to describe :) Most complicated parts was about factory smart-contracts, UI/UX interface, wagmi usage and DAO.

What's next for Web3 FanZone

  • Testing and build community.
  • Extend functionality for better social integration.
  • Option for burn NFT by multisign (for example you can create NFT-tickets, distribute it and but on usage).
  • Launch on Aurora mainnet.
  • Marketing.
  • Partnership with other projects.

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