The main goal of Adshares is to become the standard for web3 advertising. The Adshares protocol is already successfully operating on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain, enabling metaverses and blockchain-based games to provide more utility to their users.

What it does

You can think of Adshares as an engine for monetizing the lands, NFT or any space. By creating a bridge to the Tron network and BTTC, ADS coin (TRC-20) will enable users to earn money on their lands in metaverses and games in the Tron DAO ecosystem

How we built it

$ADS will be used as the fuel/backend for monetization and metaverses will be able to use the native token of the game for their users. In addition, the bridge will also enable the expansion and development of the BTTC chain. We see a great value and potential in joining the growing Tron ecosystem, based on its constant growth and development.

The first step is to create an ADS bridge to the Tron DAO network. Then, it will be possible for any metaverses, games, BTTC and other projects in the Tron ecosystem to integrate with Adshares Protocol, enriching utilities with monetization in the form of digital programmatic ads. Wrapped ADS Coin allows Metaverse creators to add extra utility to the project’s native token. Payouts from ads can be distributed in a native project token which is causing instant and constant demand for the project tokens.

Project Milestones:

Infrastructure Development

  • Develop a bridge smart contract
  • ADS on TRX
  • Launch of the bridge
  • Adding the Wrap/Unwrap function to ADS native wallet

SunSwap DEX listing

  • Adding the initial Liquidity Pool ADS/TRX
  • Wrap / Un-wrap tests

Marketing Activities

  • Start the awareness campaign across TRON community
  • Conduct the Discord live meeting devoted to the topic
  • Metaverse campaigns promoting ADS/TRX on SunSwap and ADS (TRC-20)
  • Websites campaigns promoting ADS/TRX on SunSwap and ADS (TRC-20)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Adshares as a decentralized advertising Web3 protocol designed to provide blockchain-based ad software to the ad tech industry. The protocol enables advertisers to manage all their digital advertising from one place - and helps creators and publishers to monetize their space in Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT exhibitions, websites and any advertising space in the world (DOOH). The mission of Adshares is to become the global web3 advertising standard. Available to any media, websites, metaverses, games, social media, VR/AR, and mobile apps. Adshares serves over 200 million impressions each month and since the beginning of its metaverse presence it’s been over 3 million impressions inside Decentraland and others.

This is what Adshares does for the market:

  • Provides decentralized Web3 ad networks and software
  • Simplifies blockchain adoption by the ad tech industry
  • Brings transparency to advertising buying and value chain
  • Helps agencies manage their digital advertising assets
  • Digital space monetization across Web2 and Web3
  • Advertising transactions without intermediaries
  • Enables placing ads in web3 apps and the Metaverse
  • Enables publishers to be paid directly and immediately

What's next for [Web3] Adshares ($ADS) in TronDAO Ecosystem!

After the completion of bringing Adshares into Tron Ecosystem, the Metaverse Collaboration Phase can be started. Adshares will want to actively help develop the web3 space of TRON projects, allowing them to utilize the Adshares Protocol and all its features. Integration of the first metaverse or game present in TRON ecosystem will be a huge step that will allow to create a case study. Adshares will provide the complete functionality of the protocol for this metaverse users.

Afterwards, Adshares would be looking into potential collaboration with BitTorrent. The Client may utilize web3 advertising protocol and the possibility of providing extra utility to BTT token.

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