We want to make online schooling less challenging for students. With Zoom Whiteboard, OneNote, Notability,.. all the option while writing is either having next page or scrolling down but this creates a problem when a student has not finished copying down. Before, our lecture halls have whiteboards and professors would only erase when they have used all others.

What it does

It will create a two-page whiteboard that allows the user to move forwards but can still keep the previous page.

How we built it

We built it mostly by Javascript. We used HTML, JS, CSS as well as p5.js for 2D graphics

Challenges we ran into

For the eraser option, we were having a problem with erasing small points but after fixing the distance, we made it much easier. Also lack of sleep and lack of time to do all that we imagined.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The platform works on both laptop and tablets!

What we learned

This is my first time using HTML/CSS so I have learnt a lot.

What's next for Web Whiteboard

We want to create an option to save the note so that professors can upload the note later. Also, we want to create a feature allowing multiple users using the same whiteboard with Firebase.

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