When i came to this field ,i didn't knew where to learn cause there was so much material ,it at that time Web- Uni was there then i would know the best material to learn from.

What it does

Course Page: It had a Course page in which you can view hand picked courses from me which are a good start . Some courses are also providing Notes and project help with the course.

Hackathon Page: It shows you Hackathons will be coming in the days and how you can participate in it . Community Page: It shows you various communities you can be a part of and grow your network.

All the posts have their links , so you are just one click away from being a part of a hackathon or community or a top notch course, it's all your thirst of learning.

How we built it

I built it using Html,Css and Javascript in my weekend space.

Challenges we ran into

Brainstorming of the idea and selection of courses

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many new hackers coming will be beneficial with it and i have also hosted it in the web.

What's next for Web-Uni, a hack for hackers

I will be posting more courses ,hackathons and communities and keep the page updated.

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