WebTrappers HubSpot theme is theme that works with modules. It focuses on eliminating the friction that occurs while creating web pages on HubSpot CMS.

The theme contains 37 different modules users can drag and drop to create different sections on their web pages.

You can tweak these modules' settings to make changes on a specific section or on all assets.

The inspiration behind this project is the issues users deal with while creating web pages. Many of us want their own website but since everyone can't code and can't have a big team either, they need to drop of building their website. We took such problems as an inspiration to help such users to build landing pages, web or blog pages with ease.

Through the project building phase, we learned that everyone is keen to build a website but do not get proper assistance and tools that make things easier for them. Therefore we started working on a theme where every component is already created. They just need to put it in the place they need.

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