Having a peace of mind and accurate knowledge of one’s infant’s health status are the two major struggles that sleep-deprived parents everywhere have grappled with. Our inspiration for this project comes from the long unsolved problem for parent’s anxiety when it comes to a baby’s rest (as well as their own). Our product will offer moms and dads the ability to monitor their child’s heart rate and temperature during their critical development stage of REM sleep at the touch of a finger, literally.

What it does

The sound sleeper is a wearable device in the form of a hand mitten or sock that is technically enabled with sensors to continually take data on the heart rate and temperature of a sleeping child. The sound sleeper is designed to be a most comfortable article of clothing and is completely wireless as to not disturb a child’s natural sleep habits. Temperature and heart rate parameters for normal vital performance have been set respective to the standard for their age group The sound sleeper will send a notification alert to the parent’s smart phone through the sound sleeper app anytime the child’s heart rate or temperature have crossed the aforementioned parameters. This will aid parents to attend to their child at the first signs of vital abnormality, and give their child immediate medical care.

How we built it

We aim to provide users the full experience complete with both the technologically advanced hardware and easy-to-use software app. The sensor device is complete with a low-energy infrared emitter and receivers that accurately capture data through blood density analysis. The software extrapolates the data to efficiently organize the information for viewing on the parent’s smart phone at will or they will be notified when the child’s safety may be at risk. The software is integrated within the well-renowned IoT hub website of IFTTT, featuring progressive intercommunication methods through text messaging, social media, and other such smart devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The sound sleeper is a product that we are proud to offer as it meets the demands of parents in need of knowing their child’s health condition anytime and anywhere. It gives the parents a high degree of control when it comes to the commonly unexpected events and patterns of raising up their child. Making sure a baby is safe and healthy is the top priority of parents as well as our company. We wish to accompany you through all the stages of your child’s development from their first word to their first step. Built With · Arduino compiler · ** Arduino microcontroller** · c/c++ · html · particle photon micro controller with wifi


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