We have always wanted to be able to save our music compositions into sheet music form

What it does

No piano keyboard? No problem! All that is required is a functioning keyboard and an internet connection. Each note of a piano octave corresponds to a unique key on your keyboard. We will format all the notes for you and save it to a music sheet so that you can play your masterpiece anywhere.

How I built it

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, React

Challenges I ran into

We struggled in trying to integrating React into the app, but in the process we learned a lot about the JavaScript library. Another challenge was trying to determine note lengths depending on how long the user would hold a key, for example calculating the duration of a held note and determining if it is a 8th or 16th note

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning about React, practicing web front-end (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) Building a music based application where most people shy away from due to lack of knowledge or interest

What's next for Web Music Transcriber

A more visually appealing user interface Increasing keyboard size and range Improving accuracy of music notation Lowering the denomination of note durations Implementing rests to properly fit music rhythm syntax Adding more musical conventions such as dynamics and multiple simultaneous notes

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