I wanted to build a simple but useful Web App, and thought that people's health is always an important topic. Hydration is difficult to pay attention to, so I thought it would be a good app to help people.

What it does

The app shows the difference between the ideal amount drunk (the red line) versus the amount actually drunk (blue line). People can add drinks and meals based in their time to see how well they are doing.

How we built it

After reading a Mobile Web App book to understand Javascipt, I used lessons from that book to put to together the app. Searches on Google helped with bugs and other features such as the Chart settings.

Challenges we ran into

The graph in the chart was really tough as changing the settings is not obvious at all. I had very little experience in Javascript, so fixing problems was quite time consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I finished a working App. The ability to remove drinks and food if a mistake was made by the user was important to app useable for real people.

What we learned

A lot about how to write Javascript.

What's next for Web Hydration Manager

I want to add better visual presentation elements, as the focus for the hackathon was on the coding functionality.

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