The Backstory

The Web Development Club was founded this semester by eight students at Iowa State University. In the first few weeks, it grew rapidly in membership, almost doubling in size every week. We were soon contacted by various clubs and students interested in our web development services. However, we had a dilemma: What kind of web dev club would we be without a proper website?

Our Goal

We came to the hackathon to have fun and write code, but our hope was that by the end we would have at least a foundation for the website to grow from.

Why is Nicolas Cage everywhere?

Well, we needed image placeholders for content until we could actually generate the real content for the website. It became a running joke, and I'm sure Mr. Cage will find a way to live on in the site after the official launch.

What's next for Web Development Club?

We have gotten a fantastic start to the club website, and we have many projects on the horizon! Our next major effort will be redesigning a website for a club on campus and continuing to improve our own site. For anyone interested in learning about and growing their skills in web development, come check out Web Development Club! We meet in Coover 1016 on Wednesdays from 4:10 - 5:00 pm.

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