I have always believed that technological advancements bring in more, better paying jobs while pushing the boundary of what's possible. However, recent developments in automation have made concerned citizens insecure. The project is aimed at demonstrating how automation with human-centric component can create jobs, free up developers to do bigger, better things (including contributing to this project and writing their own scripts & extensions that extend the platform) and achieve more accurate, cheaper data collection at scale for analytics and research experiments.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a stellar example that does just that for HCI researchers and companies. Similarly, Web Data View uses machine learning, natural language processing and clustering algorithms to make it easier to collect data. However, no such general purpose unsupervised solution is 100% accurate. Therefore, humans are required in the loop to get accurate results while improving the model using active learning. The platform not only assists the users with partially correct results, but also an advanced interface and intelligent active learning algorithms that make it a breeze to get correct results.

It frees up developers from writing hard-coded web scraping wrappers. They can tap into our clustering and NLP api's to write their own scripts and create their own artificially intelligent models. Developers can also use the engine to create advanced data-driven apps such a price trackers, price comparison etc.

The possibilities are endless. By intelligently structuring the vaste amounts of data on the internet, it is possible to build a better search engine!

Everyday Usefulness: Basically a download button for the internet! Also track prices on Amazon, compare with other e-commerce providers.

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