What it does

Browser Basics is a chrome extension for users who are not familiar with the internet and what it does. Browser Basics will first provide a quick tutorial for the user that gives the basic functionality of the web. Browser Basics will then follow the user to across the internet and provide input about the users environment and actions. Browser Basics also provides Learning Modules for the user in order to learn even more about the internet than Browser Basics can provide.

How we built it

The Browser Basics extension is built with Typescript while the learning module website was built with HTML and SASS.

Challenges we ran into

Getting Browser Basics to be able to inject itself on the websites that the user visits is very powerful and took some work to figure out. Setting up our build environment was difficult due to the split between the tasks that our app had to do. Avoiding Webpack at all costs ended up making things more complicated than they needed to be.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working prototype for Browser Basics that shows off its great potential if it were given more features and time. The learning modules for the training environment are also mostly complete with an abundance of researched information.

What we learned

The team has sharpened their overall web development skills while learning how to make and implement a chrome browser extension. We learned how to create a chrome extension and learned about its extensive API.

Whats next for Browser Basics

Browser Basics could be scaled to provide a great amount of features and advice for users unfamiliar of the internet. Expanding the learning modules would be as simple as doing the research and creating interesting lessons to familiarize the users with various topics. Integrating the Browser Basics extension with the learning modules would also be a good area to expand into.

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