After looking from website to website to website I finally figured out how to create and connect to a database. It took so long to do so that I didn't have enough time for my original idea so I thought I would create a website to help others create and connect to a database a little bit faster.

What it does

Here we will show you how to build a customer support page using HTML, CSS, and a PHP form as well as how to connect this form to a database using Apache, PHPMyAdmin, and MySQL!

Challenges I ran into

While installing programs in order to connect my code to a database I ran into numerous problems. For example, I would start watching one tutorial and then an error would arise which meant I would have to find a different tutorial to fix the error but when the error was fixed the original tutorial wouldn't work anymore and I would have to restart.

What's next for Web Basics

Next, I am hoping to implement my newfound database knowledge into numerous other projects!

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