Weave Bookmarks is a secure Bookmark Manager for permaweb.


  • Add Bookmarks
  • Specify tag for Bookmarks
  • View All Bookmarks
  • View Bookmarks based on tags
  • Search Bookmarks
  • Delete Bookmarks
  • Sync Bookmarks securely across devices
  • Bookmarks are encrypted using user's public key using RSA-OAEP and crypto.js
  • Decentralized login

Arweave Features used

  • App is published on the permaweb using Arweave Deploy
  • Permaweb app interacts with Arweave using ArweaveJS
  • Decentralized login using Arweave
  • ArQL is used to get your encrypted bookmarks from the network

Built With

  • arql
  • arweave
  • arweavedeploy
  • arweavejs
  • react
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