The atmosphere air cover the earth. It is sometimes warmed or cooled, swirled and flowed. Hereby, the wind blows, the rain falls, the thunder glows, and the snow falls. People’s lifestyle and culture depending on the many types of weather. Even now, our lives are greatly affected by the weather of the living place. I created an application that can quickly and intuitively see the weather around the world with a matrix interface that can slide vertically and horizontally.

What to do

The biggest feature of the weather application Weathetrix is the matrix interface which can scroll vertically and horizontally. By using the screen of the square smartphone efficiently, you can quickly obtain the information of the target city. I grouped the world into seven regions and Japan and display the weather of 200 countries and 47 prefectures. The top line shows the weather of the city near by your current location. You can also rearrange the matrix rows yourself as you like.

Tap the city icon to see detailed weather information. The sunrise time, sunset time, humidity, precipitation, clothing index, sensible temperature, and weather for the next week are displayed on the screen. What is shown next to the temperature is the clothing index that you can see what to wear today. This is calculated by Misnar's formula and is represented by a cloth icon. There are seven stages from the swimming suit showing the sensible temperature above 30 degrees to the hooded coat showing less than 6 degrees, and you do not get lost what you wear today.

In addition, users can sign in and register their favorite cities. Registering is easy, just tap the button at the top left of the icon. When favorites are registered, favorite lines are added to the matrix and all favorites can be confirmed here.

For user registration, input the user name, e-mail address, password and retrieve the thumbnail image from the camera or photo library. You can change thumbnails as well as user names, e-mail addresses, passwords, etc. later. If you unsubscribe, your information will be deleted from the server.

Cities that can not be found in the matrix can be searched by city name. Since the candidates are narrowed down by the typed character, it is not necessary to scroll each time.

Register new cities that can not be found by search. It already has the capital of the world and the prefectural office of Japan, but adding other cities is also easy.

How did you make it?

I have developed this application using objective-c and Xcode. We used the API of Openweathermap to obtain weather information of the world and weather marks drawn by myself using Adobe Illustrator

Issues in making

Communication between the API and the server used for user registration was challenging for the first time, so it took time to complete. Also, in order to smooth the movement of the matrix interface, we devised such as caching the acquired data.

Achievements that I am proud

When Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Japan last year, I had the opportunity to see "Weathetrix" directly. He liked it very much and said to me, "I want to use it when I go on a trip."


By developing this application, I learned communication technology between API and server. Also, recently I rewrote the code with swift, so I was able to know more about swift.

What I want to implement next

In the next version, I would like to be able to display live images so that the weather of each city can be seen in real time. Currently, you can see images of meteorological satellites in Tokyo.


Looking around our surroundings, you can see that computers are changing people's lives significantly. Programming is a powerful tool to change the world, so in order to think about the life in the future, you must refine its skills and expand your horizons. From now on, I would like to interact with the IT industry people who innovate the world, touch new technologies, draw ideas and ask the world about it. Before I started software development, I thought that programming was like arithmetic, but now I feel like learning a new language. As I speak English, I would like to talk about programming languages ​​and communicate with computers while making things that people feel useful.

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