I wanted to try out Swift & SpriteKit, but as I had no clue what to build, I started building a weather app :)

What it does

Originally, I thought the most awesome feature would be the cool & localized graphics I created for many countries & big cities, but it seems like I was wrong. A few days ago I received an email from a blind guy, who said that he absolutely loves the app.. I was like "What the h***?".. But it turns out that I actually created one of thhe most beautiful, but still most accessible weather apps out there, as I've developed a features, wich let's Siri speak out a 10 day weather forecast :)

How I built it

Swift <3 + SpriteKit

Challenges I ran into

Weatherdata.. is super expensive or inaccurate.. UNTIL i found the solution.. (super awesome weather API! at a fair price)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Featuring on Producthunt :) YEAH! TOP 10 weather apps in the #USA!

What I learned

Even stupid ideas can turn into something amazing & useful.

What's next for WeatherWheel

More countries :) more features :) more improvements :) more more more everything

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