I've often had trouble in the morning before school deciding what clothing I should wear to appropriately dress for the weather. I've made many mistakes with dressing up for the weather, and my parents have even failed to choose the proper clothes for the weather when they're in a rush. I knew that a useful, but simple app could solve the problem. WeatherWear displays the weather information, including temperature, conditions, and daily forecasts, and gives suggestions on what to wear based on these weather conditions. This app targets travelers and itinerants who spend their time outdoors often for work and travel.

Technologies Used:
WeatherWear uses ReactiveCocoa libraries, REST-based APIs, and the OpenWeather API to fetch and display weather data. It creates RAC signals and retrieves JSON data from specific URLs in the API in the model, converts them into Objective-C properties in the controller, and uses that to update the view. Functional programming was an instrumental part of the design in retrieving and updating the weather information.

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