Anyone can touch an app to get the weather. You can even ask Siri what the weather is. But you end up with the weather from some remote server, and you have to use an app or speak. With WeatherTalk, you use the Force! Simply wave your hand over the NODE+Clima sensor, and the weather report, including Humidity, Temperature and Pressure, will be spoken in a variety of high quality Text-To-Speech voices!

It's not The Force, of course! The magic is done by the NODE+Clima's sensors. The Clima light sensor detects your hand, covering the light source. When the sensor gets dramatically darker (because you covered it with your hand) it speaks the local Humidity, Temperature, and Barometric Pressure, also powered by the NODE+ sensor! You can do now get the weather report with your eyes closed, lying on a hammock!

Built With

  • internet-of-things
  • ios
  • node+clima
  • sensors
  • tts
  • weather
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