WeatherSmart Lights use your local weather to save energy and make daily life easier – you'll never have to worry about turning your lights on and off again! Our Arduino will pull the current local weather data from the internet (including time of day and precipitation), and adjust Bluetooth-connected lights accordingly. For example, if it is past sunset or rainy, WeatherSmart will turn your lights on. However, if it's a sunny day, the lights will be turned off in order to save power.

WeatherSmart will also have a manual on-off switch that the user can toggle when leaving the house or going to bed. That way, the lights will not be automatically turned on when they won't be used.

In addition, the system will include a notification feature based on the weather conditions. For example, if it's rainy, WeatherSmart will notify the user by saying "Don't forget your umbrella!"

Promo Video

Here is our two-minute promo video.

Technical Description

The problem our project seeks to solve is the ever-present issue of energy conservation. Many people leave their lights on when it's completely unnecessary, such as when the sun is out. Additionally, we wanted to make people's lives more convenient, such as making it so they don't have to get up to turn the lights on when the sun sets. Our project achieves this by responding directly to the weather in real time.

This system works by using a master Arduino to pull sunrise/sunset and condition data from Yahoo's weather API using Ethernet. It then compares the current time to the sunrise and sunset times, and then compares these times with the current time (which is pulled from a time library). If it's during the day, the system will also check the weather conditions, and depending on that, will send a signal via Bluetooth to the slave Arduino. The slave is connected to a power switch, which is then connected to a light, allowing the Arduino to control if the light is on or off.


The code for our master Arduino can be viewed here. The slave's code is here. The separate code for the email system is here.

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