Indoor Weather web app (and REST API) powered by a Raspberry Pi.

The web interface is shown in the image above.

Weather data can also be obtained using a REST API (GET /api). Example -

$ curl
{"place": "Home", "temperature": {"units": "F", "value": 81.7}, "humidity": 44.6}

Hardware Details

You will need the following -

  • Raspberry Pi (any model)
  • DHT-22 (or DHT-11) temperature/humidity sensor
  • 10k resistor (as pull-up)


For the DHT, pin 1 is the leftmost (when facing the front i.e. the "grid" side) and pin 4 is the rightmost.

  • Pin 1 -> 3V3
  • Pin 2 -> Data to BCM GPIO #4 (change code to use other pins)
  • Pin 2 -> 10k resistor -> 3V3
  • Pin 3 - Not used
  • Pin 4 -> Ground



This code uses the Adafruit_DHT library to talk to the DHT sensor. The easiest way to install it is using pip (sudo will be required if not using a virtual environment) -

$ pip install git+

If that fails, installing a few things may be required -

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip build-essential python-dev python-openssl


This step is required only if the defaults need to be changed. The code uses the following defaults -

  • Web server is started on port 8080
  • Data pin is connected to BCM GPIO #4 on the Raspberry Pi
  • Sensor used is DHT-22

These can be changed in

Running the web server

It needs to be run with root previliges to be able to use GPIO.

$ sudo python



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