Weathered was an app I cam up with because it filled a need of mine. On android I find there are many options for weather apps but all of them are very busy from the design standpoint or lack the features I require. Weathered combines both those needs with a simple and aesthetically pleasing and simple to use UI with the feature set I need.

What it does:

Weathered is able to accept a city name from the user then display its current temperature as well as the 12 hour forecast for that city. In addition, it is capable of making widgets for the home screen.

How I built it:

I built Weathered in Android Studio, it has a front end built in XML and the backend is written in Java. In addition, the backend is linked with Openweathermap API to get all the weather data.

Challenges I ran into:

Given this was my first time working with this technologies I found it very difficult going step by step and not knowing how I can accomplish my next task to progress my app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

Although Weathered is not in a final state yet I am really happy that I got the experience to code in Hack the North. This experience has really broadened my view on programming and the community behind it as well as introduced me to so many new aspects of coding through the work shops.

What I learned:

This was my first introduction to XML, APIs and general Android development. It was really great to learn all these new technologies and expand my knowledge base.

What's next for Weathered:

I look to further build out Weathered and create a fully functional version that i can then get on the Google play store so others that are struggling with the same issue as me and use my app.

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