Access WeatherCheck on your iPhone or other device at

Displays your current location, a map with the current temperature and weather conditions, a short term forecast, and the text of any active severe weather alerts. Made for anyone who needs a quick summary of where you are and what's going on when you leave the airport, train station, library, or any situation where you cannot see outside before going outside.

This is not a commercial product. Use at your own risk- but I do hope you find it useful. Please open issues if (when) bugs arise. If you don't mind giving your location with your bug report, include your latitude and longitude or the name of the city/town you're in. Feedback is also always welcome.

When you access, you will be asked by your web browser if you want to share your location. This app won't work without your location. Details on how your location data is used is available at

Licensed under GPLv3. See for details. Some code and/or data may be covered by other licenses; I stand on the shoulders of giants. See CREDITS file.

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