So I wanted to think of something that personally impacts me on a day-to-day basis, and something that would build on the idea of sustainability. In my daily routine in University, on top of living in a really cold place - which is something I am unfamiliar with as my whole life I've lived in 30 degree weather average - something that I can sometimes describe as unbearable for me is the wind. I find that especially for those windy days, I would be happy to walk to a further supermarket to catch some tail wind.

What it does in

What our project does is it captures the weather details of real time of whatever place you put as an argument.

How we built it

We called the Dark Sky api, and manipulate the data to ensure we're capturing the weather details of our intended location.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to find the correct API, but alas we came across Dark Sky, and we learned how to utilise the API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As this is a project we started in the AM's, we're proud that we came up with a solid idea and that it's something that works.

What we learned

We would like to be more proactive with our time on the next one, and communicate with each other better to ensure that our project is going on the right path.

What's next for WeatherBoard

Our vision for WeatherBoard is to have a series of applications across mobile, web, and wearable platforms that allow people to see real time updates to the key weather indicators they care about the most. We aim for the user to get a notification in the morning for key weather highlights for the indicators throughout the day, and the ability to check information at a glance. We also aim to tie it into automation services, like Alexa Skills and IFTTT recipes to enable users to automate smart home accessories based on those key weather indicators. We also hope to connect WeatherBoard into travel apps so that travelers can get the best and most accurate picture of their destination based on their itinerary and activities.

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