This project inspire us to develop our technical skills. This is base on real time data fetching form API link of OpenWeatherMap website. This project is made up of three web pages, which is Home page, About us page and Weather page. In home page general introduction is present about project, in about page description of our team is present and finally in weather page a real application of project is present. This project give the information of weather conditions of any city, state or country all over the world. Enter the name of any City and click on the search button this will give you the current weather condition of that city which is it's Temperature, Humidity, pressure, wind speed. If someone enter wrong name of city then this program throws an alert message. We built it using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, node.js, express.js. We are proud on our team to complete this project in a single day. We learnt so many things during this project and improves our skills litte bit.

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