A weather app that makes you aware of climate change and offers tailored tips and proposals to fight climate change - be it in your neighborhood or around the globe.

Many people aren't aware of what impact climate change has on their daily lives. Live goes on, even if the poles are melting and the sea levels are rising. WeatherPlus, on first glance, is just another weather app, but with a twist: It regularly displays concrete information regarding climate change, extreme weather and environmental issues in your area. In contrast to other websites and apps which provide information about climate change, WeatherPlus always makes sure that all problems are directly related to the your daily live.

All warnings include clear information on

  • what to look out for
  • what exactly the problem is about
  • what you can do right now.

You can discuss weather and climate problems with other users by posting comments and images.

Air pollution warnings provide further insights into the pollution caused by coal power plants. Actions to write to politicians and the operator are supported out of the box.

How we built it

We used the "new" Google framework Flutter to develop a mobile app. We used FireBase to sync data and made use of several public APIs, such as OpenWeatherMap or AQICN.


Since we tackled Flutter for the very first time, there were some challenges to be fought with the intricacies of the framework. On a non-technical level we spent a lot of time thinking about how we can engage the user in a discussion about climate change.


We believe that our app turned out very pretty, which we're especially proud of since we're all engineers and not designers. After having struggled a long time on the initial concept of the app, we ended up with a prototype that we strongly believe could be developed further.

About Us

The app was built with Flutter at HackHPI 2018 by Tom Beckmann, Christian Flach, Corinna Jaschek and Alexander Riese.

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