We wanted to build this application to help build our skills with using APIs, and React as well as in a topic that is very passionate to us being Climate Change and Space.

What it does

It allows you a user to get access to international and national weather data with forecasts for the next several hours and days. This app also allows you to look through the NASA Gallery via their API to learn more about space. Finally the application allows you to create an account with a username and password and create a post to reach out to other members of the community as well as be able to delete your posts.

How we built it

We used the MERN stack to build our application. For Logging in and out, we used BCrypt and JWT Auth. We used the NASA API as well as the OpenWeatherMap API for getting external data to display. For styling we used Reactstrap, React Icons and Vanilla CSS. For efficient workflow we used Git and Github.

Challenges we ran into

Github/Git workflow was a really big pain and caused quite a few headaches and setbacks. We also ran into trouble with implementing BCrypt to be able to hash passwords to make safe password storage possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to conditionally render pages and also use React because we really have just started using React in the past day or so, we have really grown our skillset with much.

What we learned

We learned so much about planning, to being able to effectively talk about code and also we learned a ton about React, and React Router and being able to make calls to back end APIs with React!

What's next for Weather World

We would love to add to our application by building out the forum app via likes, following people, direct messaging, and comments. We would love to be able to add more scientific data to the space section of the application. As well as adding Climate Data to our application and a extreme weather tracker. Finally we would love for users to be able to login in the future with either email and password, or google oauth.

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