The inspiration for this idea was when Nick (who originally thought of the idea), woke up and didn't know what to wear. It was around 50 degrees F outside, but was that a warm 50 degrees, or a cold 50 degrees?

What it does

Weather Wear wants to make your life as easy as possible. When you are confused on what to wear, we try and make your troubles go away. The best part about us is that you can use Weather Wear anytime of the day. So when you wake up and check the temperature, you don’t need to go outside to see what you need to wear. With a few clicks, you will feel comfortable wherever you travel.

How we built it

Weather Wear accomplishes this by taking your current ip, and then it uses the geoplugin api to find our your latitude and longitude. With your location, it now gets the realtime weather form the yahoo-weather api. Now it knows where you are, and it knows every aspect of the weather of which you are in immediately. It takes the windchill temperature and decides what you should wear based upon what you own, the temperature, and even whether or not it is raining.

Challenges we ran into

With none of us having formal professional programming experience, we really had to learn on the go. The most challenging part for us was surprisingly the HTML markup itself. It was challenging to get it to do what we wanted it to do. Also after figuring out how to find your latitude and longitude, it was fairly simple to get the weather. Along with this, occasionally it is required to reload the page in order for the weather to show up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of every part of our project, from the logo, to each and every line of code. But most so, we are proud that we were able to accomplish the goal of completing a project that works.

What we learned

We learned a lot about programming in general. We had mild experience in java from our first year CS classes, but we had to learn how to translate this into javascript, and then how to implement it into the html.

What's next for Weather Wear

For the future, Weather Wear wants to create a closet. You can store what you own in your closet so you wouldn’t need to tell us what you have every time. Based off what you wear everyday, Weather Wear will pick up your tendencies and start making outfits that you enjoy wearing.

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