This program was designed to send me a text message with the weather conditions at my house from Accuweather. As a result, my phone number is in the code, and it is set up to only text my phone number. I was able to get it to run, but I had to condense the character count for the current conditions and forecast, unfortunately. This was my first time ever coding, so it was a fun experience to be able to learn, especially when I had to set my goals lower. Originally, I wanted to create an API that would send me a text message when the major space news Twitter accounts said "scrub", "abort", or "hold". I was able to get the API from Twitter to work, but I couldn't get it to sort the way that I wanted it to with the Twitter Stream. So I moved on to weather to try and keep a part of my original idea existant. I also couldn't figure out how to get the code to run at a certain time with the amount of time I had left, as I realize that would be more useful than having a code that I would have to run every time I wanted to check.

I want to say thank you to all of the organizers for this event, I had a blast attending workshops and trying to code on my own. I made a really good friend in Google (it's okay to laugh about it), and feel like I came out of it knowing something new. Now, let's hope that my code doesn't fail and that you can see what I was able to put together!

Thank you so much! Ryan Latterell

*PLEASE NOTE - Code was updated after 10AM to add new Twilio Authorization Token. I published the code publicly on GitHub and Twilio revoked the account. I have it posted privately now. I have attached a Google Drive link to the file. Please contact me directly if there are issues and I will add you on GitHub, I have no idea for other ways to get around it.*

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