I once watched an animal documentary, and it made me realize that animals were going extinct. Thus, I wanted to make a game that would spread awareness on the right things to do to preserve the animals alive today.

What it does

It's a multiple-choice game that serves to educate its players on the correct actions to take to protect our wildlife. It's a multiple-choice quiz game that functions to spread awareness. Th problem is the lack of awareness of the harmful things that we do to animals, and this game tries to solve that.

How I built it

It's built with python programming on replit. First, I wrote out all the multiple-choice options/questions/research to make the actual non-coding part of the game. This required research to determine what is the right thing to do to protect animals. Then, I encoded for all of it. The code is long, but very simple, as most of the lines consist of what the game will print out. Basically, the game will start with all the questions as "not done," but as we input the correct answers, it changes to "done." It's encoded so that after a score of "5" (AKA 5 correct answers), the game ends and the player wins.

Challenges I ran into

The research was difficult because making the multiple choices required a degree of creativity that was difficult. After making the questions, I had to research many things to do that were the right thing to do, so I had to google some things. The code was also kind of difficult, as I needed to rewrite some lines that didn't work as intended.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of myself for completing the project. I didn't think I would actually finish any coding project, so I'm just proud that I taught myself some coding and actually applied it here.

What I learned

I learned something about myself. I learned that I actually like coding a little bit and that it's something that I may want to look into in the future. I also learned some basic python syntax during this.

What's next for Animal Awareness

Next, I want to make Animal Awareness into a more interactive game with characters & choices (like the design of pokemon) and make it more than just a multiple-choice quiz game.

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