I was always tired of checking my weather app and having to figure everything out about getting ready for the day on the spot. I wanted something that did the work for me instead of making that decision every day.

What it does

A user will adjust sliders for specific temperature ranges and submit that along with their phone number and zip code. This will be stored on MongoDB and pulled for the weather API. We take weather data from Open Weather Map's API and take the daily high temperature and weather to determine the best customized response for users. This information is sent to Twilio to send a text with the daily high temperature, a customized suggestion for clothing choices, and accessories for inclement weather.

How I built it

The team built this application with a client-side web interface, save the form data to a MongoDB database, return that data to Open Weather Map's API, and then run that information through Twilio's API to text the phone number on record.

Challenges I ran into

There was a significant challenge parsing the JSON data to get the relevant information and insert that into our JS logic to send to Twilio. With help of great mentors, the team was able to interpret and code the JSON data to send to Twilio and successfully receive text messages for users to read.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of being able to take this idea and bring it to fruition that has an immediate use for people

What I learned

I learned more about promises and how to interpret them through JSON data.

What's next for Weather Permitting

Expanding this to a wider audience and potentially making this an official site for all users to benefit from.

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