Me and my teammates developed this weather app during our time at the Kode With Klossy Web Development Summer Camp in San Francisco . This was my first time in the Bay Area and I was not at all adapted to the weather patterns. Many days I didn't know what to wear outside because just checking the weather on my phone wasn't super reliable. On days I decided to wear summer clothes, it'd be freeezzing in the city. Other days I'd wear jeans & it'd feel as hot as Texas (my home state). Combining my teammate's idea to create a weather app and my experiences in SF, we decided to create this web app to help others who never quite know what to wear out.


With the Weather or Not app, you can create entries containing what you decided to wear on a certain day and what the weather felt like. The next day(s), you can use these entries as resources to refer back to to help you pick your #ootd.


We used the text editor Atom to code this web application using HTML, CSS, & JS. We used Git to collaborate with each other no matter where we were.


One of the three days we got to work on the project I wasn't able to go into the city/to the location where the camp was being held. This tested our communication skills as well as my knowledge of Git (which I wasn't very familiar with at the time).

Accomplishments I'm Proud Of

We developed and presented a complete web application in 3 days time! Kode With Klossy was my first ever exposure to web development and I fell in love with it. I'm proud that I was able to come out of it with knowledge of and appreciation for software development that I continue to carry with me today.

What I Learned

I learned about how important planning your app design and implementation really is. Before jumping into coding, it's essential for me to visualize/talk through my ideas. I also learned a lot about communication and teamwork. Although I was only working with 2 other people, I realized that on a larger scale (such as in companies) errors are more likely to occur without some sort of structure and organization in how collaborators communicate with one another.

Coming Soon?

Our web app does what we initially wanted it to do: display the weather and allow people to create entries about their outfits. BUT there's always room for improvements! Here are some of our ideas on how to further enhance Weather or Not:

  • Display weather from any location (not just SF)
  • Create a login system so everyone can have their own account
  • A way to share entries with others

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