We love traveling around the world, but finding a destination with idealistic climate is difficult. Your Utopia awaits you!

What it does

The program asks you for your idealistic weather preference, and then proceeds to search the globe with popular cities that match your given criteria. From the search results, you're able to select a location to explore. You can view hotels in that area, and airplane tickets to that selected location. Also, it will show you the most interesting activities to do there.

How we built it

We developed the application in Android Studio using Java, alongside with the OpenWeather API that allows us to poll the weather of various cities using JSON and HTTP Request.

Challenges we ran into

OpenWeather's API for downloading bulk data of the entire world costs approximately $500/month for using that service alone, which wasn't optimal for our scenario. Not being familiar with Android Studio nor the OpenWeather API ate up most of our time as we were busy chasing bugs left and right.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An application that works bug-free and it might not look pretty but it does what it's intended to do quickly.

What we learned

Never programmed in Android Studio before, so that was interesting as we tried to develop the program and learn the API simultaneously; of course, my partner and I were playing ping-pong with bugs - one solves a bug, the other creates two more. First time working with JSON files, they're a godsend! It helped us a lot with the weather api integration.

What's next for Weather or Not

Scale up to add more criteria preferences via analyzing user's social media. Also, allow for larger weather search space using OpenWeather's Bulk module.

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