With the rise of climate change but lack in the change of public policy, the greatest danger is not only natural disasters, but it is also the public not understand what is actually causing devasting weather events throughout the world. Since public policy and getting people to change would be the best way to combat climate change, we needed to build a solution that is more targeted for an audience not moved by data, but by what affects them.

What it does

We created a new way to present data to help change the minds of climate deniers and bring events to those who are less informed. Weather Or Not focuses more on showing strong media (videos, pictures) of local events rather than global events climate deniers tend to ignore. When users receive the website, the videos render based on climate events and anomalies in their area, and the videos go into a landing site which shows the cause of such events.

How we built it

To get the local events and media for the landing page, we used both Twitter API connected to an Azure SQL database hosted within a Python flask server and Chrome's Puppeteer Web Scraper in Node.js to get 3rd-party sources such as news outlets and scraping embedded Youtube videos from such sites. We created an HTML5 template with JQuery as the frontend to render the videos. The landing page includes also a newsletter where the data is stored in Firebase's Realtime Database to help provide resources to people visiting the site who have been moved by the images to learn more about how they can help combat the effects of Climate Change.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest part was connecting the various API's from all the applications that were created.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used tools and services most of us were new to, and we managed to accomplish a complex, API calling system that can be said is common in a lot of enterprise IT system architectures within a 24 hour period!

What we learned

We learned a lot of new tools, such as Python flask, SQL, and machine learning models with Azure.

What's next for Weather Or Not

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