For the Def Hacks 2020 Virtual Hackathon

Group members: Jenna Wang, Mayeen Ayoub, Emily Qin, Anna Wang, and Christina Zhang

A simple website that offers music matching the vibe of the weather.

We made a website that offers music to match the vibe of the weather. Due to the stress and isolation in quarantine, we wanted to build something that would emulate the beautiful days outside through music. To spread our vision in a quick and simple way, we decided to make a website so that this idea could be easily accessible through the web. During this process, we learned that there are a lot of different things to consider when inserting audio into a website. We learned that it takes patience to build something extraordinary and we learned that certain functionalities needed to be prioritized to get things done. We built the site collaboratively through multiplayer and that allowed us to divide the work and get things done efficiently. First we worked on how our website would look through HTML and CSS code. While that was being done, our other teammates went around looking for melodies and sounds to embed into our website. After that we focussed on the JavaScript portion to get all the buttons to work. We faced a few challenges. There were a few times when things didn't work out perfectly the first time. We thought of several solutions and then put the most efficient one to work. We had a lot of fun designing and building this website and we hope you'll enjoy our submission as much as we did making it.

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