Because of school, gaming, friend groups, or other social groups, many of us spend hours on Discord every day. Sometimes, it would just be easier to check things like the weather in Discord. This is what the Weather Man Discord Bot is for! If you want to see the weather in a certain city, or have your friends see what the weather is like where you're at in Discord, then the Weather Man Discord Bot is for you!

What it does

Using the command prefix "weather." , the Weather Man Discord Bot will tell you important weather details of any city the user inputs! These details include the temperature, the "feels like," daily highs and lows, humidity, wind speed, and even some advice on what to wear based on the weather!

How we built it

We first created the bot using Discord's bot creation guide. We built the functionality of the bot using the OpenWeatherMap API. They had API calls to retrieve weather data for any city. We had to extract the data we wanted from the API call and format it properly in the output of the bot. All the functionality of the bot was coded in Python.

Challenges we ran into

Bot creation and API usage were unfamiliar to us, as this is our first hackathon and also our first personal project, so we had to learn the ins and outs of hooking up to an API, API calls, bot permissions, creation, and management. We also had to learn more about website creation with HTML and CSS. But the biggest beast was setting up our development environment. Many technical difficulties arose from using the terminal, and from python3, pip3, and downloading But eventually we got it all sorted out and things ran much more smoothly!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have created what we did with having no previous personal project experience. We're both very motivated to start creating more projects as a result of this BeachHacks and are excited to use the knowledge that we gained for further projects!

What we learned

We both learned so much in these many hours of coding together! We learned how to better set up a development environment for next time, how to deal with APIs effectively, how to create bots and set permissions, how to create a website and style it effectively, and how to implement many different features in a website. It was a great learning process, and we both got a lot out of it!

What's next for Weather Man Bot

In the future we will most likely update the functionality of the Weather Man Bot to have more robust features and a wider range of uses. We want to find some way to make the Weather Man Bot more unique and fun for users!

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