Whatever the websites or the weather guys tell, a local update is highly needed esp. during monsoon season in India. How'z the weather there? Shall I start from office? Shall I travel today? Can I take that road Everyone might have asked or have answered to these questions in India. But sometimes you don't even have mechanism to reach out to people you know, like in the case of Cyclone Hudhud rampaging the Northern Areas of Andhra Pradesh disrupting most of the communication links for two straight days.

A community weather map can serve as a to-go place, where one can see the weather updates and issues in a particular area on a map. Issues are shown as markers on map which can be tapped for details like likes, dislikes, message left, image if any. User can also interact with it by tapping on these details. More details like comments, posted date, posted user can be seen. User can also star or di-star a post similar to like and dislike, can also comment and give updates so that latest status is known to others. But best of all users can post issues. Long-Tap, Menu Item and even Talk to Submit for people on move. Someone driving a car finds out that a particular road is blocked, he can with a single click on voice menu-item submit an issue with a voice message that will be translated to text. User has the control to post issue immediately or navigate to post issue page where he can edit converted text or even take an image. And we have also implemented a tier based system to promote user activity on the app. Tier is based on no of posts, comments and even star's and di-stars he does. Users can subscribe to alerts for a particular geographic location and can immediately be notified when someone posts and issue there. Government officials can now update people about weather info, road blockages, alternate routes. While NGO's can offer help to the issues logged by users based on comments or no. of stars it has received.

While the voice feature of the app makes it less intruding while driving, integrating it with with Sync would have been much better. Sadly we couldn't test our app after the integration as we didn't have the TDK. Its an app in progress and we hope we will add this support in future

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