Inspiration- I live in CA. I wanted to spread awarness about wildfire and give positive inspiration to during wildfire situation.

Description of the project?

Weather Infinity is a website application aimed at residents for staying alert and informed about current weather alerts and resources to stay safe and active. It contains resources and information aimed at residents to maintain safe behavior during weather events and to be informed in a stimulating, and enjoyable manner.

How does your project give a positive impact on society?

WeatherInfinity is a website project aimed at helping people to become informed about wildfires and similar weather events. It seeks to help educate and thus help guide people to safe behaviors and actions during weather events such as wildfires. It can be as simple as helping people stay safe during wildfires, earthquakes, and other such happenings. That helping save lives is a direct, positive impact on society. Furthermore, in developing a more specialized website aimed at alerting people of wildfires and more, people would be more prepared and have more time to react in protecting themselves and their families. This information would be greatly beneficial to people around the world, as higher temperatures can lead to more wildfires and similar weather events in their local regions.

Did our web site provide volunteer opportunities to students and adults?

Our website includes a section that decided to help users become volunteers. First, on this specific volunteer page, we discuss the benefits to society volunteers bring to communities such as helping communities and fulfilling necessary roles. Second, we include resources to help people become volunteers through hyperlinks to external websites such as the Red Cross. Finally, the webpage also discusses how people can be virtual volunteers through websites such as

What it does?

Weather Infinity is a website designed to help people primarily to know about local weather alerts and be informed of what to do during a weather event such as wildfires and earthquakes. It provides a fun and informative way for young children and people of all ages to learn about wildfires. It has plenty of features that inform and entertain.

How we built it?

We build with HTML5, Javascript.

Challenges we ran into We faced as a team was coordinating and adjusting to the amount of effort and time to make sure our code was functional and complete.

Accomplishments that we're proud of The accomplishment we are most proud of is able to code such a complicated web app such as this project.

What did we learn? What we learned most of this project is how to communicate properly about cementing design and the main goal of the project.

What's next for Weather Infinity?

We want to develop this website even further with additional features. One possible feature I have discussed with other team members is adding a texting feature related to the weather alerts we feature on the web site. If a certain weather alert is active for certain areas, we want users who register with the website to receive a text about a current weather alert.

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