We care about weather and we care about you

What it does

This is a follower and a reactor to the weather at any moment. Just simply put down the name of a city, you will not only get the basic weather information including current temperature, how it feels like, wind speed, humidity, sun rise time and sun set time, but also a collection of essentials for this weather. We tell you what to wear, what to bring and what fun activities to do for this season. Guess what's more, we have a customized music playlist for you too! Weather For You will play Christmas songs for the snow, summer vibes for the sun, warmer jams for the hot chocolate weather and chilling feels for the rain.

How we built it

Using the Weather Network API, we fetch the data according to the user input. With the data in hand, we played it around with a theory of sentiment analysis where we display images and songs in the mood according to the current weather. The two important factors we used the most are temperature and precipitation. The result is a fully functional and visually pleasing web application.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was the asynchronous behaviours in JavaScript when we made calls using the api. Callback function is the solution we used to this problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have an innovative use of the resource provided by Weather Network.

What we learned

How to make calls with the api and how to deal with asynchronous functions.

What's next for Weather For You

Since we display clothing images and other items images such us sunglasses and shoes, sponsorships by brands are expected. Also we will develop a mobile app version for a wider range of users.

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