We find that adversisements would be more effective and more pleasant for watchers if they were adapted to the weather conditions. Both advertisers and customers would benefit from this. The smart light poles developed by Nokia provide access to sensor data which can be used for this application.

What it does

Smart advertising based on weather conditions (temperature, humidity), light conditions. Businesses can create their own advertisements to be targeted and shown at particular conditions, in order to improve the effectiveness of the adversisements. These advertising panels can also be used for public announcements and emergency situations. We aim to provide maximum flexibility for businesses to choose what sort of conditions their advertisements should be displayed. This contrasts with the current traditional system which is more static and does not provide such a flexibility. This way, the advertisers can benefit from having specific ads. In addition, this deployment also provides an additional source of income to the city council (and we expect businesses to use this system massively due to the additional effectiveness that the advertisements will have).

How I built it

Sensors placed on top of the light poles send their measurements to a master database, which is accessed in order to use the useful information. Our application then tells what the current conditions are, and based on this the advertisements that have been designed for those conditions will be displayed.

What I learned

  • Working with influx db
  • Sensors
  • Raspberry-pi

What's next for Weather-based smart advertising

  • Make them more smart
  • Highway version

Built With

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