Sometimes you just don't know what to wear based on the weather. Is 65 degrees considered too cold to not wear a jacket? Should I wear layers or not? We built the WearTHE Clothes website and sms bot with these questions in mind because sometimes it is hard to tell how you should dressed based on the weather temperature. With WearTHE Clothes, you won't have to worry about these things again!

What it does

The WearTHE Clothes website allows you to input the name of a city and from that, it will tell you the current temperature in that city along with suggestions on what to wear. The sms version also allows you to do this. All you have to do is text +1330556604 the name of a city and the sms bot will reply with the information on the city!

How we built it

  • HTML, CSS, and React.js to build the front-end
  • Python and Flask for the back-end
  • Twilio's sms bot api was used to create the sms bot and configure it to send and receive text messages
  • Openweathermap API the api was used to get information about the weather in the city inputted

Challenges we ran into

  • Figuring out how to use the Twilio API and sms bot for the first time
  • How do we configure the phone to send and receive messages based on what city was given?
  • Figuring out how to display the form box and submit button on the website with React.js since we don't have much experience with it

What's next for WearTHE Clothes

Some future implementations would be to have an option for users to look up the weather for future dates so that they can plan ahead what they want to wear. We would also add information on the high and low temperatures for the day.

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