Have you ever lost your items? Well, we have countless experiences where we have absentmindedly placed our possessions down and instantly lose track of them 5 minutes later. Is my wallet in the... kitchen? living room? my car? Well no more will we have to think about where we left our possessions because we are now able to track our possession with Estimotes and a pebble watch.

What it does

When we walk into a room, the room stands for Estimote beacons and stickers. It then sends a list of the items into firebase, an online database, where we keep track of where items that have stickers attached are located. When you are connected to your pebble watch, a list of the currently tracked items will appear on the pebble. Then, using voice commands on your pebble, one can locate an item that is being kept track of.

How I built it

This app was created through Android Studio using Estimote and Pebble APIs.

Built With

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