WearShare is an app for Android Wear smartwatches which allows users to send and recieve files without having to use their mobile phones by leveraging the Send Anywhere API. The 6 digit pin obtained using Send Anywhere's API allows for the app to greatly simplify sharing multiple files of varying sizes.


  • Wirelessly clicks photo using the camera on the user's mobile device and allows the user to preview and share it with others quickly using their smartwatch.
  • Inbuilt file explorer for the contents on the user's mobile device.
  • Allows users to share multiple files and folders which are located on their phone from their watch.
  • Shows the progress of upload and download in the notification center.


  • The interaction of the app with Send Anywhere's API comletely takes place on the user's mobile device and hence saves battery on their smartwatch.
  • Phone and the smartwatch exchange information using Android's Wear API.

Future Improvements

  • Support for iOS and Apple Watch.
  • Companion app for the mobile device.
  • QR Code on the smartwatch along with the 6 digit key.
  • Add more options to the send menu on the smartwatch such as music or pictures and allow users to preview them before sharing.
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