We wanted to tackle a problem that everyone faces on a daily basis but just glosses over as a unsurpasable inconvenience. Pretty much every single day begins with picking out what you will be wearing. Rather than mindlessly picking out the first things you see in your closet, we wan't to help improve your fashion sense.

What it does

The user enters their closet into the app by taking a photo of the clothing item. The app uses machine-learning to add the correct item into their digital closet. Once items are added, the user will receive suggestions on what to wear based on the weather, and any special events. The app also keeps track of what the user wears when, and reminds the user to do laundry when it is time. There is also a social component which allows the user to see their friends' closets and request to borrow specific items.

How we built it

For a 24 hour hackathon, we decided to only do the prototyping in Figma. Aside from the front-end, we also worked on the machine-learning model for detecting clothing items.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have enough time to completely realize the app. We did however, spend an extensive amount of time with design, so that the user experience will be the best that it can.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe we have came up with a great solution to a problem which was overlooked for a long time. This app does not only help the user save time by suggesting what to wear when, it also looks out for the environment and other people by keeping track of unworn items, and suggesting the user to donate, or recycle.

What we learned

We learned a great deal about prototyping, design, and user-experience. We also learned about the latest and greatest machine-learning technologies available with the Google Firebase.

What's next for Weardrobe

We plan on developing this app further in order to release it as a completed app which will be used by people of any age. Young professionals will use this app to save time, and the older generation can be kept up to date with chores such as laundry. The app will also have a market place where users can buy/sell with each other, and from big name companies. By not having to decide what to wear, a decision can be saved and used for a more important purpose later in the day.

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