The next step for Wearcast

Last year, fellow Penn freshman Antonio Menarde and I developed Wearcast, a physical device that informed users what to wear each morning, as well as the time and the weather. Now, I am taking the Wearcast philosophy one step forward by making it mobile. There's no better way to make Wearcast mobile than to put it right on the user's wrist with Pebble.

What it does

Wearcast for Pebble is a custom watch face for Pebble smart watches that does more than just tell the time. The display shows users the current temperature, weather, and a cartoon avatar wearing clothing appropriate for those conditions.

How I built it

I used the CloudPebble SDK for the system's UI. Weather data for the clothing-selection algorithms was provided by the OpenWeatherMap API.

Challenges I ran into

A combination of illnesses and a freak blizzard broke up my planned team for Penn Apps, so I ended up working on Wearcast alone. This was also my first time participating in a hackathon and working with Pebble. I spent the first few hours of Penn Apps XIII plowing through tutorials on C and the Pebble SDK, which taught me so much more than I expected to learn this weekend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Unlike the original Wearcast display board, the Pebble's digital display allowed me to arrange the clothes in any way I wanted on the screen. This gave me the idea to not just show the clothes icons, but to put them on a cartoon avatar. I think it is adorable, especially for 500 bytes of MS Paint pixels.

What's next for Wearcast Pebble

I definitely want to continue with Wearcast for Pebble. One of my plans for the future is to animate the avatar so it responds to events like accelerometer input or the watch's battery percentage. There are also so many different clothing options that I would like to see implemented in a future build.

Special Thanks

Antonio Menarde for co-founding the original Wearcast. Jason Wang for helping with the bitmap assets. And of course, Penn Engineering for providing all the resources and events at Penn Apps!

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