WearCare is personalized healthcare based reminder/tracking system in a wearable.


Healthcare is an essential part of everyday lifeA for all. Our human body needs a periodic monitoring of health parameters and right treatments based on this data. Healthcare becomes more important when people reach a certain age and in that age following their health condition without proper assistance is becoming tedious.

There are 3 main factors that are very important from a health perspective.

  1. Follow the medications.
  2. Continuous monitoring of vital parameters Eg., Heart rate, ECG
  3. Better sleep

Root for this idea?

In many cases, these 3 factors are getting missed due to no personalized healthcare based reminder system with realtime healthcare integration or sometimes might be due to laziness. As a solution, an app is designed called WearCare (wearable app), that a user is generally a click away from the care.

What it does

Nowadays, wearables have become more close to humans than mobile phones and possess a variety of capabilities that can assist old/disabled people. Wear device on the user’s wrist, makes it perfect piece of hardware for the healthcare use cases.

To be concise, the technology in hands. Wear the care now. So;

  • It helps to keep the medication properly with reminders and refills with auto order too.
  • It helps doctors to update the medications remotely based on the patient reports.
  • It assures that the doctor gets updates daily about the health condition of their patients. (Heart rate, Medication status, Sleep quality, Walking)
  • It helps for realtime sync. Compare to simple todo, remainder and tracking app, the core essence here is integrating with healthcare realtime apis and add it as wearable.

How I built it

This app prototype built with Wear-os and android java. All the feasibility of integrating with Dr Chrono's APIs and smart watch has been analysed.

Challenges I ran into

Since I am new to wear os, the initial development setup was very challenging one. But with the help of online references I able to come through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Technology will become more elegant when it resolves the realtime problems for humankind. I'm proud of making a wearable app in the healthcare industry that serves to the human in their needy days.

What I learned

WearOS app development Android studio dev environment setup Kotlin

What's next for WearCare

Enrich this prototype with tech stacks Integrate the realtime healthcare domain apis

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