• Supporting Functions
  • Supporting Car Control Function through Samsung Gear A. Remote Car’s Engine Start/Stop B. Remote Car’s Battery On/Off C. Remote Car’s Door Open/Close D. Remote Car’s Buzzer Control E. Remote Car’s Light Control
  • Supporting Abnormal Warning through Samsung Gear A. Door Open Warning B. Trunk Open Warning C. Light On Warning
  • The Host Mobile phone, which connects with Gear, also has same Car Control functions.

  • Merits:

    1. User can easily open car’s door and start engine without Car Key by my APP.
  • User can remotely command warming up the car in winter by my APP.

  • Prevention to discharge car batter through Light on Warning message in my APP.

  • Prevention to be robbed car by Door and Trunk Open Warning message in my APP.

  • my APP can apply to general car even if the car is not recent model through my Bluetooth control module. (We applied our APP to the 2002 SUV car in my demo movies)

  • Supporting security communication and fairing.

** If this APP is installed in user mobile phone, the Gear APP is automatically installed in the Gear by the Samsung Gear Manager. The install duration time by the Samsung Gear Manager is around 1~2 minutes.

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