Target Users

The main target for this device would be people who are visually impaired. For someone who does not have the ability to see, this device gives them to ability to determine the distance of the closest obstruction in a given direction. Being able to perceive the environment without needing to touch objects would make navigating much easier for users.

Key Features

  • Tactile Response: Vibration is used to deliver feedback when an object is in the path of the ultrasonic sensor. The user is given feelable notice if an object is in their path, with the added benefit of being subtle to others around them.

  • Descriptive Feedback: The device doesn't just detect an obstacle, it gives a sense of how far away it is. There are different feedback responses for distances under 4m, 3m, 2m and 1m. This gives the user a better understanding of the environment around them by describing the distances to objects which may be in their path.

  • Line of Sight Positioning: With the detector being mounted on eyeglasses, the user has a huge amount of control over the detector. Any direction that the wearer can point their head is a direction that can be scanned for objects.

Future Plans

  • We would like to use more accurate ultrasonic sensor and incorporate different types of sensors such as Infrared sensors for better accuracy
  • Add gps assistance using haptic feedbacks to direct users to destination
  • Add voice control for commands and voice feedback for GPS response

Any comments or suggestions is appreciated.

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