People need to get to places. It is unsafe to look at your phone while walking/skating/riding a bike. Our solution elegantly combines style and technology to produce a convenient navigation experience.

What is Wear2Go?

Wear2GO is an Android service combined with a Arduino equipped t-shirt designed to deliver phone free navigation. Enter your directions into Google maps and go! Wear2GO will pull the instructions from the Google maps app and notify your Wear2GO shirt over wifi. The shirt has vibration motors and LED turn signals that vibrate to let you know when to turn and flash to alert people around you of your intentions. If you have a Pebble smart watch, Wear2GO will also forward the notifications to the watch to allow you to quickly see the names of streets and other information you need without having to check your phone.

Target Market:

Wear2GO targets students on college campuses, mostly those who prefer to ride bikes or longboards. Wear2GO will make navigation around campus simpler and safer on these vehicles where it would be a hazard to use a phone for navigation.

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