Many projects are built during Refugees Hackathon, many ressources are made for refugees or association in order to gather the right information, but there are too many different websites and sadly too often doubles... Refugees need ONE SIMPLE HELP DESK accessible from anywhere at any time that update himself automatically to bring the most accurate answer at the right moment.

What it does

We are a chat box available by SMS or through the App to ask any question in any language and get an accurate answer quickly and easily.

How we built it

We gathered all the ressources specialised on every subject in one place and make it available inteligently for helper to answer questions of refugees accurately with simplicity. We used Twilio API to make it more accessible for people that don't have wifi.

Challenges we ran into

We need more visibility to make us known by more helper and volunteers willing to help during their free time. We need to make our number known by every refugees to make sure that we help the highest number of people and have the greatest impact.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We build the app and the back office in 54h, the app was running at the end of the Start Up Week End in 3 hotel hosting refugees giving access to 150 users to an app to answer all their questions.

What's next for WeAnswer

We are looking for more visibility and funding to make our app more performant and our AI able to handle more request automatically. We are expecting more than 1000 users for our next milestone :)

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