For our project, we targeted the investment gap between men and women. We believe entrepreneurship and investing are crucial to building long term wealth that women often miss out on. Some contributing factors are confidence gap, knowledge gap in a male dominated field, wage gap as well as an under representation of publicly traded women owned companies. As women in the STEM field, this is our small step towards closing the investment gender gap and making women more financially conscious.

What it does

Our website wants people to Invest With A Purpose. It is a personalized platform that lets people sign into their own dashboard that has a couple features. First functionality is "FindHer" where you can select certain fields/industries and it displays top women-owned publicly-traded companies in the user’s chosen field (tech, manufacturing, etc). The site has a personal investment portfolio you can build by adding the companies you liked from the search. After Bloomberg's presentation we were inspired and felt that the company has the most accurate and reliable data especially on minorities and finance. We wanted to give the user more information about their chosen companies. We created a custom search engine in the "Discover" tab that outputs only Bloomberg results on a certain company. This gives the user good information about the company's stock profile, market demand etc. We also realize we might have missed out on companies in our database so we have a suggestion box for users to add companies to our database.

How we built it

We integrated a wide variety of technologies for this project and tried out a lot for the first time. The Backend is hosted via Firebase, which is what we use to handle user authentication, store each user's information and portfolio in a real-time database, as well as our master database of women-led companies. We also used Google's Programmable Search Engine in order to allow our users to search for women-owned companies with Bloomberg generated outputs. The Frontend has been built on Glitch, using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Our teammates have never worked with firebase before as well as most are novice in backend coding. It was a struggle to learn, code, debug within the time provided and get a full stack platform up and running. Some specific issues were finding a good database source for the publicly traded women owned companies. We connected with Bloomberg to ask for some help on this part however the data was confidential so we went with plan b and ended up manually adding our database for the project. We also ran into obstacles trying to implement firebase and save user information and their personalized portfolios when they log out. We did not include this in the project since it was not fully successful but we implemented a Twilio feature where the user can text a stock ticker and get price and updates about that via text message.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud to finish a full stack website within the time frame. We are delighted to present our designs that we put a lot of thought into and all the features we were able to implement in the backend. We also truly believe our idea is a step towards a bigger goal, a good approach to supporting women and minorities.

What we learned

When we were researching we gained knowledge on the investment gap problem that many of our teammates did not know. It was an important project for us to build and present. From the technical side, we learned firebase, google apis, cloud storage and used glitch for the first time.

What's next for WealthWiseWomen

We have big aspirations for the platform. We want to include other minorities in the future and have added features that create a more interactive investment portfolio and help women connect with the companies they choose. We also hope to receive assistance from Bloomberg for a higher range of data and AI integration into the site.

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